“Lushly romantic…this smartly constructed show is utterly transporting — and, for all its romance, frank about the bigotry and shame that gay men faced in that era. An intimate, aching chamber musical about heartbreak and bliss, Midnight at the Never Get is about bravery, too. And about the kind of battered hope that refuses to die, even after death.” — NYTimes (Critic’s Pick)

“If there's a sleeper hit this season, it should be this one…The period-perfect score sounds as if it consists of deep cuts from obscure LPs by Bing Crosby and Peggy Lee — the very funny “My Boy in Blue” is a highlight…the show overcomes its obvious cabaret origins to slowly reveal a sly, unexpectedly subversive side.” — The New Yorker

“While it would be easy to exit the York Theatre these days having been absolutely swept away by Mark Sonnenblick's wonderfully engaging and ear-tingling score…it's the superb storytelling of his book, exploring issues of the 1960s gays rights movement in a universal manner that can apply to other civil rights battles, that makes the musical truly soar…A knockout from start to finish. Mark Sonnenblick is a musical theatre writer to be watching for.” — Broadway World

“Alternately sentimental and hard as nails, Midnight at the Never Get is a remarkable entertainment for several reasons — the accomplished songs, the evocative portrait of gay life in another era, and its understanding of a certain go-for-broke showbiz sensibility that has always been prized by gay audiences. Sonnenblick's melodies are as pitch-perfect as his lyrics…a level of craft all too frequently absent from today's musicals.” — Lighting and Sound America

"The show is so smart, so funny, so moving, and the songs are so well done...not one misstep. Solid, literate, witty lyrics, paired with melodies that recall the Great American Songbook in entirely appropriate ways for the time and story at hand, provide a score that is wonderfully familiar and entertaining. The book is just as strong." — Bistro Awards (2017 Award Winner)


"A thing to savor...we are treated to the ease of Charlie Polinger’s direction and the smooth sailing of Stephen Feigenbaum’s folkish tunes and Mark Sonnenblick’s lyrics, evoking sea chanteys and a life of plunder." — NYTimes (Critic’s Pick)

"The moment the first song begins you immediately sit up straight in your seat...easily the best new show I saw at Fringe NYC this year. Throughout the show the songs are consistently witty, sophisticated and hummable." -- Huffington Post (also named #8 on their best shows of 2012)

"Stephen Feigenbaum’s ebullient tunes tack smoothly between sea chantey and indie folk-rock, and the book and lyrics by Mark Sonnenblick and Marina Keegan are broadly comic but also soulful and surprisingly pithy." — TimeOut NY (Critic’s Pick)

"An affecting portrait of the young and aimless...you may find particular poignancy in many of Mark Sonnenblick's lyrics." -- The Village Voice

"Propelled by rollicking folk anthems by composer Stephen Feigenbaum and clever, often very funny lyrics by Mark Sonnenblick...Independents' breezy charms sail straight to the heart of young adulthood’s growing pains. Not only did I enjoy every song, many of them succeeded in teasing out new information, keeping the story evolving." -- NY Theatre Review


"I didn't know what was happening but then it was awesome. If I remember to like you guys on FB I will." -- drunk guy in a bar

"Stompcat is the single greatest band to grace my bar. Holy purr." -- an unprompted bartender